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Asuccessful logo brand design must accurately represent a business as it exists today and well into the future. An iconic logo design that is modern, unique, simple and memorable is always our goal. Refreshing your logo instead of creating one from scratch is also a way to save money and see positive results. Instagram’s logo refreshes an example of a successful design that improved readability. If you are looking for a new logo brand design, check out our most recent designs below to see if our style is a good fit for your business. Also, take a look at the six things to consider when designing your new logo brand below.
A professional logo design saves money and adds profits

Arecent WOB Blog post about logo brand design brings to light the importance of hiring a professional logo designer. A misstep often made by new business owners is to find the cheapest solution to a logo design. Not only does this weaken a company’s brand today and down the road, but revising an ineffective logo later is expensive and confusing to customers. So it’s important to get it done right the first time.

When building a strong business or organization, a solid logo brand design is a must. A well-designed logo can create loyal followers with a bold, simple and memorable design. When considering a new logo, make sure it sheds light on the business in the right way. A logo is the visual representation of a company’s brand values and beliefs.

Six things to consider when designing your new logo brand
  • Create a bold, modern, easy to remember logo brand design
  • Choose whether your logo brand is a symbol, a word mark or a logotype
  • Your logo design should be able to appear consistently across all your advertising
  • Your logo should visually represent your company’s brand values and beliefs
  • Use your new logo brand design to create loyal followers
  • Create a vector design that reads well up big or down small
Choosing which kind of logo you need for your business is an important decision. There are a number of different types of logo “marks” to choose from or three unique logo design styles; a wordmark, a  symbol/icon, and a logotype. A wordmark has letters of the name in the design, like the famous Coca-Cola logo. A symbol/icon is simple and bold, like the Apple or Starbucks logos and is so well known that it rarely requires a word next to it. A logotype combines the initials of the company with a symbol, like the famous Volkswagen logo. Most new businesses require either a wordmark or a logotype. You can see from the logo links above that as time goes by they become cleaner, more iconic and modern in nature. The logo style you choose for your company can mean everything to your customers and to your business’s success. Choose wisely.
Developing integrated design systems helps build your brand

Some of the most important work we do for our clients is developing integrated design systems. Designing a unique look for all communication pieces is key so your branded materials are visually harmonious and consistently represent your business. This process can result in a new ad campaign, a signage system for a fleet, apparel items, business papers, or a design guidelines manual as shown below for North Marin Water that defines printing standards.
North Marin Water Graphics Guide Design by Works of Bart

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