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Dental Website Design Home Page Shows Bay Area Sunrise in San Rafael, California


Young Children's Music Teacher Logo


Tanzania Safaris Print Design, Travel Company, Novato, California


Starry Night Digital Art of Tree On Ridge


Connect to your best customers with custom Web Design

At Works of Bart we focus on creating custom branding that fits the uniqueness of your business. Whether it’s punchy copy writing or striking imagery, we make sure your web design, logo identity, social media and Value Proposition stand out. Businesses find our affordability and hands on attention to detail an excellent fit. We help you reach your best customers with a modern website design that’s optimized (SEO) for the best user experience. We excel at helping companies get discovered online and off by creating unique brands with custom content. Click on a website project below to see it live.
Dental Website Design Home Page Shows Bay Area Sunrise in San Rafael, California

Custom Logo and Web Design For a Family Dentist in San Rafael, California

Website Design by Works Of Bart for Musical Moments

Custom Logo and Web Design for a Child’s Musical Moments, Novato, California

Web design for Visit Tanzania Safaris

Custom Logo and Web Design for a Safari Tour Company in Novato, California

To cut through today’s advertising media noise, smart business owners are now tuning out traditional marketing and focusing on affordable custom web design, logo branding, social media, and direct to customer print advertising to get the best results and to reach their customers more efficiently – Works Of Bart

Build your unique brand with a bold new Logo Design

Choosing to hire a professional designer to create your logo brand identity is a smart business decision. Companies looking to save money may choose to go another route. Revising a poorly designed logo later can be both expensive and confusing to your customer base. Instead, consider creating an iconic logo that matches your business’s uniqueness and builds your brand by accurately representing you in a modern, unique, simple, and memorable way across all your media. This gives your customers confidence in your brand and turns them into loyal users. Our graphic design studio is located in San Rafael, California and we specialize in working with bay area companies specifically ones here in Marin County. Let us know how we can help with your logo design, we’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

Define your Value Proposition and outshine the competition

Before putting pencil to paper, or finger to keystroke our design process begins with S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) a strategic information gathering process. Works-of-Bart-SWOT-chartWe use this information to define your Value Proposition, a creative brief that becomes our road map to your marketing. This information helps us determine what’s unique about your business, and how your product or service is different from and better than the competition. The key to effective selling is having a unique “Value Proposition” which gives you an advantage over the competition. It describes why your target customers would want to pay attention to you, follow you on Twitter, buy your products, or hire your services. Unless you can pinpoint what makes your business unique in a world of parity, you cannot target your sales efforts successfully.

Get discovered by applying unique photography and concept art

Every successful business has something unique that sets their product or service apart from the competition. It may be their office services like a fitness gym or it could be a set of unique products that are different. We help you tell the world about those unique qualities and call it your Value Proposition. One way to create your Value Proposition is through the visual powerhouse of concept art. To outshine your competition we help you create a unique look with your images and add them online, in emails, in print, or anywhere they fit with your brand. See concept art samples here.

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