Affordable custom website design is finally available

Affordable custom website design that looks great, works even better, and gets found online! Now that’s worth talking about.
If you’re looking for a professionally designed User Experience (UX) website that promotes what’s best about your business online, and gets found in search results, then paying a professional to design and optimize it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best course of action. “Free” websites give little back in terms of results.

As noted in a previous blog “How much should a successful website cost?” hiring a qualified professional website designer with experience in design, development and strategy (not a Photoshop class student or blogger) will get the best results. A professional designer will discover what’s unique about your company and display it online as a custom design that fits your company. Due to recent advancements in technology, a professionally designed website that builds brands and finds business leads is now within reach for every business, big or small. This wasn’t true just 5 years ago. Continue reading

How much should a successful website cost?

Are you looking to build a results oriented business website design for your company? Are are wondering about the fees involved? This article will explain the various options available. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible and still have a website that gets found online, that gets discussed too. Today, websites can be created in many different ways and fees are all over the map. Below is an example of a family dentist website design done by Works of Bart that is reaching customers online after just 2 months. Click on photo to view website design.


A custom website design is now affordable for everyone
Due to recent events in the web design industry, It is now possible for every small business to have a custom website that is affordable, is a User Experience (UX) website design, informative, unique, easy to navigate, a lead generator and is search engine optimized (SEO). Hiring a professional designer to refresh or create your website is the best alternative. All successful businesses take investment in time and money. Allocating money up front on website design can make a huge difference in how your company is perceived by your customers later.

The cost of a new website depends on your definition of “success”
A“free website” has little upfront fees but can be costly in other ways, effecting the success of your business and brand. Allow me to explain. We’ve all seen “free website” ads on TV and the internet. Free has one advantage over paid. It’s free! But what does a free website really get you? Not much as it turns out. As the saying goes, “nothing worth having in life is free”. This holds true for website design. Every website, whether free or paid, has set-up fees of at least $100 a year or more for a domain name and a hosting company’s help. But unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end. Continue reading

Should you hire a professional logo designer?

This article about logo design will discuss the importance of professional logo brand design for startups and small businesses. If you are a business owner and thinking about a new logo design for your company, or a refresh of an old one, here are some insights to help make your task a successful one. I will also explain how a cheap and fast logo design can produce negative results for your company’s brand.
What are the attributes of a good logo?
A successful logo brand design must accurately represent a company as it exists today and well into the future. A well designed logo has longevity, is modern in look, unique, simple and memorable. Refreshing an existing logo can sometimes be the best solution for a company. Iconic logos can be found everywhere today, as noted below with the evolution of the Volkswagen, Starbucks, Pepsi, Yahoo! and Apple brand.


Professional logo design is underrated by business owners.
This is even truer today with the ease of access to technology via computers and the internet. Well known and easily identifiable icons like Facebook, Instagram,   Continue reading

Bay area designer helps small business build successful websites, logo brands, digital art and print


We build custom WordPress websites that get results
We’re excited to announce a complete redesign of our Works of Bart website built using the powerful open-source web software of WordPress. In the hands of a professional designer and developer, a WordPress small business website can now go way beyond a simple template. We specialize in creating these kind of websites, turning them into unique looking high-end, interactive web designs that help companies get found online. Our lack of overhead keeps our fees lower than most professional design firms.

Take a look around our new site and see how this approach helps small businesses create unique brands. We can provide your company with professional web design, logo brands, digital art and print design that fits a small business budget. We do this by applying unique front-end design and powerful back-end coding. This approach provides our website clients an affordable solution that’s easy to navigate and is found by search engines (SEO).

Getting your business off on the right foot is critical

Creating a new logo identity, a powerful website, stand alone digital art, or a bold print piece is what we do best. Our work experience at local Bay Area advertising agencies, in-house company’s and leading design firms provides small business owners with Continue reading