Affordable custom website design is finally available

Affordable custom website design that looks great, works even better, and gets found online! Now that’s worth talking about.
If you’re looking for a professionally designed User Experience (UX) website that promotes what’s best about your business online, and gets found in search results, then paying a professional to design and optimize it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best course of action. “Free” websites give little back in terms of results.

As noted in a previous blog “How much should a successful website cost?” hiring a qualified professional website designer with experience in design, development and strategy (not a Photoshop class student or blogger) will get the best results. A professional designer will discover what’s unique about your company and display it online as a custom design that fits your company. Due to recent advancements in technology, a professionally designed website that builds brands and finds business leads is now within reach for every business, big or small. This wasn’t true just 5 years ago.

How Works of Bart makes custom website design affordable.
Here’s a little history. Like many industries, web design fees dropped up to $25% during the great recession of 2007. And due to the ease of internet connectivity, overseas website design competition increased, driving costs down even further. But most importantly for designers like us, website back-end building technology took a huge step forward allowing skilled designers with knowledge of coding the ability to harness the back-end development and front-end design coding of a website. No longer was a designer required to work with a developer to create the website back-end with a user experience that was interactive and alive with animation. Now experienced designers, like us, can provide the complete package reducing the cost of custom website fees for businesses. Full-on web development built from scratch is still needed for many larger websites so experienced coders are still very much in demand.

Website design for Visit Tanzania SafarisBuilding powerful websites like this one for Visit Tanzania Safaris that is fully loaded with unique image and copy content, animation, easy navigation yet is affordable and designed to reach your best customers. This is what we focus on for companies at Works of Bart Design. And it’s the path we recommend for all business owners looking to make a lasting mark online while saving time and money. Click on the personal trainer website to see our latest fully-responsive website design in action. The fees for this website fit into the low-end range of the center pricing chart below.

The cost of website design depends on many factors.

There are many ways to create a successful website as the price ranges below indicate. A paid website that is a results-driven 24/7 business partner will not be “free”. But it can cost less than you think. The chart below details the wide range of website design fees available at Works of Bart.

To help determine the cost of your custom website design we base our fees on your specific needs (features) and combine that with an estimate of your unique content required. We also consider the size of your company, how many pages are needed to provide these features for your business, and the amount of time required to create the website. With this knowledge we can match our fees within your budget constraints.

[easy-pricing-table id=”3928″]

There are a number of things we ask you to consider before we price a custom website build, including:

Q.  Will this be a completely new website or a refresh?
Q.  Have you worked with a professional designer before?
Q.  Does your business require a custom website design or a just simple landing page?
Q.  Do you need a blog connected to your website?
Q. Does your company need a new logo design?
Q.  Do you have unique copy content, photography already created for your website?
Q.  Do you need assistance in creating custom copy, photography and art content for your website?
Q.  Do you need your website to be responsive and fully functional?
Q.  Do you need video or interactive animation features added for a more visually appealing user experience (UX)?
Q.  Do you need special features like SEO, social media, analytics reporting, e-commerce, or client login portals?
Q.  After your site is launched, will you want to edit the site yourself via CMS functionality?
Q.  After your site is launched, will you need assistance to maintain it?

Breaking down the costs of building a successful business website.
You can have an affordable website that is professionally designed, informative, unique, easy to navigate, is a lead generator and is search engine optimized. These 4 business website examples are vastly different in their scope and require uniquely different website design solutions. Please take a look at our website pricing page for more details.

$100 for a “free” website landing page
This price range for a website falls into the “free” category mentioned above. It only requires the purchase of one domain name ($10 year) and the purchase of a basic hosting package (about $90 year). No fees for a designers time, set up, multiple domains or additional web hosting benefits.

$1K – $3K includes a custom designed website containing 1-4 pages
This price range fits individuals looking for an online presence that gets noticed by search engines and has some unique content and custom design. If you are an entrepreneur then this price range is a great way to go.

$3K- $10K includes a professionally designed business website containing 5-20 pages
This price point is the most popular one we offer. Works of Bart Website Design samples. Do you have a growing company with between 2-25 employees and are looking for a website that has custom design and content, multiple levels of interactivity, usability and ranks high on searches and finds qualified leads? Then this website design price range is a good fit.

$10k – $25k+ includes a professionally designed business website containing 25-50+ pages
Do you have a business with between 30 and 100 employees and are looking for a website that has multiple levels of interactivity and usability, complete custom design and content, is SEO and social network friendly and is results oriented? This website design price range includes working with a developer in addition to a designer.

Can we talk about your website design needs?
Helping companies with affordable professional web design that connects them to their best customers is our focus at Works of Bart Design. All successful businesses take investment in time and money. Allocating money up front on website design can make a huge difference in how your company is perceived online. Contact us today to get your next design project moving forward with a quick and accurate estimate. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

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