Unique website design and content is the key

Aunique business website design and stand alone content are the two most important communication tools a business can own. In today’s competitive climate for attention, it’s not enough that your website design looks great. To help amplify your online brand your website also needs to inform, be easy to navigate, be found near the top of search results, and be unique to your business. At Works of Bart, we focus on unique imagery and copy content tied to a modern user interface allowing your website to shine. To see our latest web design projects just tap on an image below. Northgate Dental is our latest work.
Custom website designs build strong brands
Abusiness website design thats focused on building a strong online brand is our goal. We find solutions to marketing challenges by working with you to discover your unique voice and then creating online results you can own based on that individuality. We ensure that the final design meets or exceeds your website design objectives. We apply User Experience (UX) design that is fast loading, has unique content, includes social media, a blog and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We provide this working with a powerful open source platform to insure a stable back-end framework and support. We just need your input to get your design project moving forward.
Our 5-step website design & development process:

To avoid any misunderstandings about project objectives, budgets or deadlines, we follow a 5-step website design process that takes the subjectivity out of the creative effort. It clarifies project goals so everyone involved shares the same expectations.
Step 1 – Define
• Outline objectives and scope of project
• Develop a site map and wire frames to determine functionality

Step 2 – Explore
• Develop a range of creative design solutions based on criteria
• Develop chosen site design direction

Step 3 – Develop
• Get approval of final design direction
• Make photography, Illustration, copy content and color choices
• Program designs, develop SEO, add social media and analytic’s

Step 4 – Refine
• Revise schedules and budgets if needed
• Take final look to improve the design, brand or content

Step 5 – Produce
• Provide off-line preview for initial client approval
• Make design and programming revisions per client
• Multi-platform Mac/Windows testing of 4 major browsers
• Install on designated server
• Site-wide compatibility checks
• Receive clients final approval
• Launch site

Request a Free Consultation
We need your input to get your next website design project off the ground so please contact us today at (415) 272-6734. You can start by requesting a free consultation or design proposal to get things moving. We work with the motivation of building long-term relationships that are affordable and get results. We’d love to hear what you have in mind for your business.

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