How much should a successful website cost?

Are you looking to build a results oriented business website design for your company? Are are wondering about the fees involved? This article will explain the various options available. If you’re looking to spend as little as possible and still have a website that gets found online, that gets discussed too. Today, websites can be created in many different ways and fees are all over the map. Below is an example of a family dentist website design done by Works of Bart that is reaching customers online after just 2 months. Click on photo to view website design.


A custom website design is now affordable for everyone
Due to recent events in the web design industry, It is now possible for every small business to have a custom website that is affordable, is a User Experience (UX) website design, informative, unique, easy to navigate, a lead generator and is search engine optimized (SEO). Hiring a professional designer to refresh or create your website is the best alternative. All successful businesses take investment in time and money. Allocating money up front on website design can make a huge difference in how your company is perceived by your customers later.

The cost of a new website depends on your definition of “success”
A“free website” has little upfront fees but can be costly in other ways, effecting the success of your business and brand. Allow me to explain. We’ve all seen “free website” ads on TV and the internet. Free has one advantage over paid. It’s free! But what does a free website really get you? Not much as it turns out. As the saying goes, “nothing worth having in life is free”. This holds true for website design. Every website, whether free or paid, has set-up fees of at least $100 a year or more for a domain name and a hosting company’s help. But unfortunately, that’s where the similarities end.


Free vs. paid website design? Which is best for your business?
To use an analogy, having a free website is like owning a beautiful painting and putting it in the basement of your house and locking the door. When friends drop by or visitors come to your home they won’t see the painting and enjoy it. You are the only one who will know it’s there and only one who will see it when you unlock the door and visit the room. To have your website found online, it must be found through keyword search, not by using your company’s domain name. This is called preparing your website with SEO (search engine optimization) and is a key cog in the success of your business website design. Free websites do not include SEO.

…when it comes to web design, free has one advantage over paid. It’s free! But what does a free website really get you? Unfortunately not much as it turns out. As the saying goes, ‘nothing worth having in life is free’. This holds true for website design too.
A Free Website
A“FREE” WEBSITE contains:
– $100 a year in fees for a hosting company and domain name registration, so it isn’t “free”
– “Free” means your website was set up by a co-worker, friend for family member, so no design fees
– “Free” means your website will have no unique content like photography or writing, so no content fees
– “Free” means your website will not be found online, no search engine optimization (SEO), no development fees
– “Free” means your website will be static with no interactive features, so user experience (UX) is limited

A Professionally Designed Website
APROFESSIONAL WEBSITE created by a designer will include:
– $100 a year in fees for a hosting company and domain name registration
– Custom graphic design that connects to your existing company brand
– Unique copy writing content that’s to the point and informative
– Search engine optimization (SEO) is built in to include meta tags, alt tags and keywords
– Original photography that resonates with customers and improves the UX (User Experience)
– Fully responsive and multi-layered pages that look great on all devices including smart phones
– Relevant keywords are added to the content of each page not stuffed into the meta
– Call to action and incentives are added to attract new customers
– Interactive videos are added to enhance the visual experience
– Animation, interactive links, colorful icons and artwork are included to improve usability
– Clean and easy to use navigation is installed site wide
– Inbound and outbound links are added for better page ranking
– Social media is added to help spread the good word online
– Informative and easy to use industry facing blog is added and managed
– Content Management System (CMS) is set up so clients can choose to edit their own content after going live
– Maintenance is recommended after launch to keep the website running smoothly

As you can see, paying a professional to design your website does have a few advantages over a “Free” version.

Hire a professional designer or take your chances
If you’re looking for a professional website design that promotes what’s best about your company online, we recommend paying a professional to design and develop it. This is what we do at Works of Bart Design and the path we recommend for all small business owners looking to make a lasting mark online. A paid website that is a results-driven 24/7 business partner will not be “free”. But it can cost less than you think. Due to recent advancements in technology and affordable rates, a professionally designed website that builds a brand and finds business leads is now within reach for all businesses, big or small. This wasn’t true just 5 years ago.
Sometimes “Free” is a good thing, like our free consultation. That is something that really is worthwhile!  So take advantage of this service while it lasts. You’ll find out what you need to do to improve your company’s online and offline brand presence making it easier to make an educated decision on how to move forward with your website. Helping companies design affordable websites that connect them to their best customers is our focus at Works of Bart Design. Contact us today to get your next design project moving forward with a free consultation and a quick and accurate estimate. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking. Go ahead, call us. It’s free!

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