Creative outdoor advertising drives profits, builds brands

Need affordable print outdoor advertising that drives profits? We can help. As specialists in outdoor advertising design, we help you define, create and implement your company’s brand in outdoor. A well-crafted design that’s simple yet bold, combined with edgy content and placed where your select demographic will see it, is a powerful combination. As our outdoor advertising samples below show, we make sure your outdoor project has a message that breaks through. The North Marin Water banner below required permission from Hasbro to use a likeness of their Scrabble tiles. To see the full story scroll down past the player.
North Marin Water’s “Save Water” Banner Project
Recently our client North Marin Water District requested a new banner design and concept to replace their current one that was outdated and showing signs of age. The message of the new banner: water awareness. Aimed at over 50,000 customers located in Novato California, the new design highlighted “save water” and promoted the new water logo also created by Works of Bart. A positive buzz was created in the local community about water awareness.

North-Marin-Water-banner-runner-upsWorks of Bart came up with four finalists for the new banner. The North Marin Water team settled on these three concepts along with the winning Scrabble design noted in the player above. The concepts all created a unique message that made its point quickly and succinctly. But the Scrabble concept won out due to its unique messaging system and worldwide familiarity with the famous Scrabble game.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the single most densely populated region on the West Coast with over 7 million residents and 15 million annual tourists. A 1958 traffic Northbay count for highway 101 near Novato showed 15,000 cars a day on the freeway. A 2010 CalTrans traffic count found over 135,000 cars a day, an 800% increase and impressions!

Studies show that drivers traveling at 60 MPH have only 3-5 seconds to register an outdoor message. So a simple but powerful water awareness message that could stand the test of time was needed. Thanks to some quick thinking on the part of my client and the approval of the intellectual property rights from Hasbro, the winning banner design is being enthusiastically received.

Creative outdoor advertising creates lasting impressions with your customers. Extend your brand image into outdoor advertising with strategic and well-timed design. The best applications are billboards, bus boards, building signs, auto wraps, and in-store posters. To get started on your next outdoor design project call (415) 272-6734 or email us to request a free consultation or design proposal. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking.

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